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Ohana Aquatics Swimming Club

At Ohana Aquatics, we are more than just a swimming club; we are a community bound by the shared values of excellence, perseverance, and the unwavering commitment to never give up. As the premier swimming club, we take pride in fostering a culture that welcomes swimmers of all ages and abilities, creating an environment where individuals can train, compete, and grow in the sport they love.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Dedicated to providing more than just swimming lessons, Ohana Aquatics is committed to promoting a culture of excellence. We believe in pushing boundaries, overcoming challenges, and achieving greatness both in and out of the pool. Our partnership with Rise Sports Academy, a leading sports brand inspiring resilience, further amplifies our commitment to instill the values of hard work, dedication, and determination in every swimmer.

Inclusivity at the Core

At the heart of Ohana Aquatics is inclusivity, we are family. We welcome swimmers of all ages and abilities, offering a supportive community where everyone can thrive. Our coaches are passionate about helping you develop your skills, build confidence, and realize your full potential. Whether you’re a beginner dipping your toes into the world of swimming or an experienced competitor aiming for new heights, Ohana Aquatics has something special to offer you.

A Partnership for Success

In collaboration with Rise Sport Academy, we strive to empower our members to chase their dreams fearlessly. Our expert coaches provide personalized training, ensuring that every member receives the attention and guidance needed to improve their technique and achieve their swimming goals. Together, we create an environment that goes beyond the ordinary, where dreams are not just encouraged but expected to be pursued.

Explore Ohana Aquatics Diverse Swimming Offerings

Learn to Swim

Swimming Confidence

At Ohana Aquatics, we believe that everyone should feel the joy of gliding through the water with confidence. Our Learn-to-Swim programs are designed for children, providing a nurturing and positive environment for beginners. Led by expert coaches, these programs focus on personalized training, helping young swimmers improve their technique and build a strong foundation for a lifelong love of swimming.

Squad Training

Swimming Performance

For those seeking the thrill of competition and aiming for the podium, Ohana Aquatics offers Squad Training programs. Our high-performance training is tailored for competitive swimmers who are ready to push their limits. With advanced coaching techniques and specialized programs, we empower experienced swimmers to reach their full potential and achieve success at every level of competition.

Adult Training

Swimming Wellness

It’s never too late to embrace the water and reap the benefits of swimming. Ohana Aquatics Adult Training programs are designed to cater to adults of all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner looking to improve your strokes or an experienced swimmer aiming for fitness goals, our inclusive programs provide a supportive and encouraging space for adults to enhance their swimming abilities and overall well-being.

Rise Survivors

Mental Sports Psychology Program

In addition to on-field training, our academy offers the Rise Survivors program, focusing on mental and social well-being. We believe in empowering players beyond the game, providing tools to navigate the challenges of their sporting careers.

Unleash Your Potential with Ohana

At Ohana Aquatics, we understand that each swimmer is unique, and our diverse offerings reflect that. Our commitment to excellence extends to every program, ensuring that every member, regardless of age or skill level, finds a home within our community.

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At Ohana Aquatics, we invite you to become part of a dynamic community where passion meets perseverance, and dreams are transformed into reality. Whether you’re a beginner, a seasoned competitor, or an adult seeking the benefits of swimming, Ohana has something extraordinary to offer you.

Why Join Ohana Aquatics?

  • Expert Coaching: Benefit from personalized training by our expert coaches dedicated to your success.
  • Inclusive Community: Join a welcoming community that celebrates diversity and supports every swimmer’s journey.
  • Partnership with Rise Sports Academy: Experience the power of collaboration with a leading sports brand, inspiring you to never give up on your goals.

How to Join

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  3. Select the program that best suits your goals and aspirations.
  4. Dive into a world of excellence, perseverance, and camaraderie.

Your Swimming Journey Awaits

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of something extraordinary. Join Ohana Aquatics today and let’s embark on a swimming journey that goes beyond the pool — a journey filled with growth, achievement, and a sense of belonging.

Ohana Aquatics runs from Umhlali Preparatory School.

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