In Ballito, a vibrant community renowned for its dedication to fitness and wellness, there exists a glaring gap—a lack of a centralised hub for sports enthusiasts to gather, compete, and thrive. Despite the community’s fervent passion for sports, the absence of a comprehensive sports centre hampers the potential for growth, development, and camaraderie.

Our extensive range of indoor, as well as outdoor sporting areas, means that we can host virtually any type of sport. Be it a friendly match of rugby between schools, or a professional soccer match between two clubs, Rise Sports Centre has all the facilities required to host a successful, memorable and pleasant event.

Enter the Rise Sports Centre—a visionary project poised to transform the landscape of sports in Ballito. With a strategic focus on inclusivity, innovation, and excellence, this state-of-the-art facility aims to address the community’s need for a dedicated space to engage in a wide range of athletic pursuits.

Rise Sport Centre Includes:

  • Indoor Hockey Field
  • Indoor Basketball Courts
  • Indoor Netball Courts
  • Team Changerooms
  • Canteen
  • Hockey 5s Field

The Rise Sports Centre is not merely a building; it’s a beacon of possibility, a catalyst for positive change, and the beating heart of Ballito’s sporting identity. With its extensive range of indoor and outdoor facilities, unwavering commitment to fostering talent and community spirit, and a team of passionate visionaries at the helm, Rise Sport is uniquely positioned to create a sports centre that transcends expectations and transforms lives.

How to get involved:

  1. Join the Development Team: Are you a visionary with a passion for construction, design, or project management? Join our team and help shape the future of sports in Ballito.
  2. Sports Clubs Seeking Facilities: Partner with us and elevate your team’s game to new heights by securing a dedicated space at the Rise Sports Centre.
  3. Investors Ready to Make an Impact: Seize the opportunity to leave a lasting mark on Ballito’s landscape by investing in the Rise Sports Centre.

Ready to be a part of the Rise Sports Centre project? There are countless ways for you to get involved and make a difference. Whether you’re a skilled professional eager to join our development team, a sports club in search of top-notch facilities, or an investor with a vision for impactful community projects, your contribution is invaluable. Simply fill out the form below to express your interest and take the first step toward shaping the future of sports in Ballito. Together, let’s embark on this journey to create the ultimate home for sport and camaraderie in our beloved community.

Together, let’s seize this moment to ignite a movement, inspire change, and create a legacy that resonates for generations to come. The Rise Sports Centre awaits your passion, your expertise, and your investment. Join us, and together, let’s rise to greatness—let’s create the home for sport in Ballito.

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