As members of the Rise community, committed to values like respect, perseverance, fun, integrity, empathy, and legacy, we understand the pivotal role parents play in the sporting lives of young athletes. When children step onto the field, every cheer, comment, and gesture from the sidelines shapes their experience. Let’s examine how sideline behavior can impact young athletes and explore strategies to ensure that our support is always nurturing and positive.

The Problem of Overzealous Sideline Coaching

It’s tempting to guide our children’s every move on the field, but shouting play-by-play instructions can confuse young athletes and undermine the coach’s strategy. This overzealous coaching from the sidelines often increases pressure on children, potentially making them anxious and less focused during the game.

A Better Approach: Trust in the coach’s ability to guide the team and focus on being the steadfast supporter who cheers for every effort, regardless of the outcome. This allows your child to develop confidence in their own decision-making skills and learn the importance of following a leader, which are invaluable lessons both on and off the field.

The Impact of Negative Criticism

Negative comments about players, officials, or the game strategy are not uncommon. However, such behavior sets a precedent of disrespect and can strip the fun from the game, teaching children that negativity is an appropriate response to dissatisfaction.

A Better Approach: Lead by example, showing respect and empathy for everyone involved in the game. Discuss with your child what empathy and respect look like in sports, emphasizing that officials are doing their best and that every player’s efforts are valuable. This fosters a sporting environment where fun and learning take precedence over winning or losing.

The Obsession with Winning

While striving to win is a natural part of sports, focusing solely on outcomes can overshadow the more important aspects of youth sports: developing skills, having fun, and building friendships. An excessive emphasis on winning can lead to stress, diminish enjoyment, and even encourage unsportsmanlike conduct among young athletes.

A Better Approach: Celebrate effort, sportsmanship, and the joy of playing the game. By applauding perseverance and teamwork, you help cultivate an environment where children learn that success is not measured by the scoreboard alone but by the effort they put in and the fun they have.


Our presence and behavior on the sidelines play a crucial role in shaping our children’s sports experiences. By embodying the values of Rise, we can ensure that we’re contributing positively to their growth and enjoyment in sports. Let’s strive to make every game a victory for sportsmanship and a memorable, joyful experience for our young athletes. Let’s not just play games; let’s rise together to build a legacy of positive impacts that last far beyond the final whistle.

Together, we can transform every sideline into a foundation for lifelong lessons and lasting joy in sports.