Rise Sport and Ohana Aquatics are proud to announce their partnership, bringing together two organizations with a shared passion for sports and a mission to inspire people to overcome life’s challenges. The collaboration will provide opportunities for individuals of all ages to learn, grow, and achieve their goals through swimming.

Rise Sport’s mission is to encourage people to rise above their challenges through sport, and its tagline, “Never Give Up,” reflects the organization’s commitment to perseverance, hard work, and dedication. Chantel Robert, Head of Sports for Rise Sport, believes that this partnership with Ohana Aquatics is a natural fit.

“At Rise Sport, we believe that everyone has the potential to achieve their dreams,” Robert said. “Through this partnership with Ohana Aquatics, we are excited to offer individuals of all ages the opportunity to discover their potential, overcome obstacles, and experience the joy of swimming.”

Ohana Aquatics, founded by siblings Cheyne Croxford, Paul Bees, and Robyn Bees, is a swimming club based at Umhlali Preparatory School. The club offers swimming lessons for individuals of all ages and skill levels, from learn-to-swim classes to adult training. The name “Ohana” means family, reflecting the club’s commitment to inclusivity, support, and community.

“We are thrilled to partner with Rise Sport,” said Cheyne Croxford, co-founder of Ohana Aquatics. “Our organizations share a passion for sports, a commitment to hard work, and a belief in the power of perseverance. Together, we will inspire individuals to achieve their goals, overcome challenges, and never give up on their dreams.”

For more information about Ohana Aquatics, please find them on Social Media.



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